Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Years Old....

Wow! I just can't believe that Willow is three years old. I guess the time just flies like a run away snowball from here on in. Willow is her own person through and through. As she learns and struggles through her knowledge of herself as a little person, I do the same as I figure out how to be a parent of a little person. The last month has passed in a blur to say the least. >The broken leg, the cast and the level to which her dependence on me increased was both exhausting and eye opening. To suddenly have to carry your three year old around to go to the bathroom, get in the car, get on the couch and everything else you can imagine really made me realize how independent she is. It also made me feel extreme gratitude for having healthy, able kids. It got me tapped in to new levels of compassion and empathy for my beautiful little girl. I don't think that she was very happy to be so needy, and at the same time I could see how relieved she was to know that Mom and Dad we completely with her in her struggle. My heart just went out to her as she would cry with the pain. Or later, I was bursting with pride as I watched her nimbly walk and play in the backyard...happy just to be a kid in the sunshine. Throughout the whole ordeal, he spirit was never broken and that speaks volumes about the person that Willow is.

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