Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've got Willow rocking the craft scene. Now tht she realizes she can walk, she wants to run, so I've got to come up with activities and entertainment that keeps her still. Rest is the best thing for healing her leg, and staying off of it is really important. It really is quite torturous for her - no sprinklers, swimming or bath to cool down and refresh...just as summer is heating up...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting the Hang of it...

Hanging Around

Today Willow figured out how to walk on her cast. Out on the front lawn she limped circles around me shouting "Look at Me! I can walk!" She amazes me with her adaptability and spirit.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fractured Leg

After three days of crawling around the house, crying, tantrums and not being able to bear any weight at all on her leg, we took Willow to her pediatrician. Sure enough, the x-rays in her file showed a fractured tibia. I was beyond frustrated to say the least. The following day we were to come back to Emergency to see the orthopedic surgeon. After fours hours we emerged and Willow was sporting a bright red cast. Of course she picked the color immediately - her favorite color. She was such a trooper that day - I knew she deserved an ice cream cone on the way home. So, there was a real and true reason why she had been crawling around for the past three days. Poor little pumpkin - just as the rain seemed to subside, and the hot weather has begun. She missed the rest of her swim lessons and I don't see any pool time (or bath time for that matter) anywhere in the near future. The cast will be on for three weeks. Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

I Love this picture of our morning because as I look at it I realize that Adam and Silas and I are all in the shot, meaning that the only person who could have taken the picture is, guess who: Willow! Our Father's day was celebrated in the morning with pancakes, coffee and a couple surprises for Dad, most exciting of which was an ice cream maker. The day was spent with Adam immersed in coursework as I popped in and out, trading sleeping kids for awake ones as he held down the fort. In the evening we met Grandma for a nice dinner at our favorite Thai restaraunt. Willow was in low spirits throughout the day as she had a grand wipe out yesterday in a bouncy castle at Redcliff days. She and Adam spent the night in emergency getting x-rays. No broken bones were reported but her injury is quite debilitating. She hasn't walked yet and it has been about 30 hours. It is a lot of work to carry around a 35 lb toddler for every little thing including the bathroom, to the table etc.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Piggy Piggy Piggy

Today Willow played for what seemed like forever with her piggy bank. Putting the coins in, taking them out, pretending to buy stuff, making change. It was so peaceful. When her interest finally started to wane, I suggested that maybe she would like to paint her white pig. Of course she was game. Who would've thought that a ceramic pig could provide fun that would last for an entire afternoon....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

35 Months

Willow has an intense eagerness to learn. This morning she sat at her table and worked on her alphabet activity book. She is trying so hard to write all the letter and she wants to do it 'all by herself'. She draws some pretty creative marks and line and tries hard to trace the letters...but it is her desire to sit and do formal learning that is amazing to me. She seems to be caught in an in-between world of still needing help, still needing Mom but desperately wanting to do everything on her own. She can get very frustrated and we are prone to power struggles and tantrums. She cannot handle a loss of control over her decision making. She is learning the very foundation s of how to be a strong, independent woman and she is only three years old! Yikes! She has been experiencing some very high levels of frustration and anger towards Silas lately. "Little Guy" is always in her face, in her space, showing great interested in whatever she is doing and it drives her nuts. She will be working on some task, concentrating so hard and up rambles Silas to thwart her plans. "NO SILAS!" she shouts, before he is even near her. Or she pushes him wiht her hands or feet. It upsets me so much. But the funny thing is, 80% of the time, Silas doesn't get to phased by it, he just keeps on trying. (20% of the time he cries with hurt feelings) We seemed to have hit a real wall with this about two weeks ago. It was driving me nuts. It felt like I could never turn my back on them, even for a second. I am happy to say that this seems to be settling down and I hope that we continue to move through this phase of big sister hood quickly and that we all can find our groove. It is interesting Willow has lately been pointing out when she feels peace as in "It is very Peace in here right now". I think it is wonderful and amazing that at her age these thoughts can be hers.

This morning, after she woke up she told me " I dreamed about Artemis and Demeter. I dreamed we were in a climbing factory. We would climb up and them jump down onto big mats. It was Halloween and I was a cat and Demeter was a catapillar and Artemis was a ladybug." She went on and on about the details of her was so interesting. Her dreams, at least the ones she tells me about are often about family.

Willow had her first swim lesson today. She absolutely refused to get her face or head wet which is why I wanted to take lessons with her. She had plenty of fun and it is great that Caili and Shelby are taking the class too. She didn't want to do many of the things that the instructor was showing: blow bubbles, emerge their head, go down the slid etc etc. But I promised her that she could hold onto to me as tight as she wanted and I would never, ever 'dunk' her and to that she replied, with her arms tight around my neck a whisper in my ear " Thanks Mama."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spectrum Festival

WiIlow experienced her first pony ride and did a lot of other fun stuff! It was one of the best Sunday strolls downtown!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Princess Lip Gloss

Loot bags from kids parties can contain some pretty exciting stuff....stuff that your own Mom might never let you have. And that was the case with the princess lip balm that came from Ben and Isabella's Birthday party. She got to try a little bit of it and then I put it up on the shelf in her room. After bedtime, all had been quiet for a while and we thought she was sleeping, and she called out. Guess who had been having a lip balm party in her room? Of course she looked funny but all I could think of was chemicals and lead and parabens and all the good stuff I am sure were packed into that little tube....and they seemed to make her so hyper too! It took quite some time to unwind from this fun!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Best Friends...

Shelby and I trade can be a little hectic watching over four kids, but it helps that they love each other's company so much! These girls can sit and read boos together for ages.... and look at how much fun they are having!