Friday, January 16, 2009

Felt Love....

Willow really is loving her felts these days....she gets all happy and blissed out by's great and I think her drawings are just stunning!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

18 Months Old

Well, It seems like it has been so long since I have written a 'real' update on Willow. I can hardly even keep track of all her developments and goings on. This past month, Willow and I have spent a whole lot of time in the house together. It has been very cold, something neither one of us is a fan of. And the home life just seems to be where it is at. We still have a lot fun and I try to keep the games and activities varied and fun. We always get kids cds out of the library, so that, along with our own collection, is the backdrop to many of our mornings and afternoons. Willow is becoming quite the dancer, with her bouncy knee bends, hip shimmys, stomping march, sideways kicks and of course her favorite, the circle spins. It's great, too, that she got loaded up with news toys at Christmas because she was outgrowing all of her old 'baby' toys. Now, she's got a new little tea set, which she loves to serve to Mum, Dad other guests and her dolls Ambrose, Opal and Baby. Along with that she has some wooden fruits that can be 'cut' up which are also perfect for the tea parties. I also got her well stocked on some art supplies. Up until this point she was into her crayons....had finally stopped chewing on them and actually begun to create some coloring book masterpieces. Now she has finger paints, which she loves, felts, which she loves even more and paints and paintbrushes, which she has yet to try out. Nothing is better on a cold afternoon than a big pad of paper and a box of fresh felts. She concentrates so hard, sometimes her tongue is sticking out and she makes a huge variety of lines and marks, all seemingly very deliberate.
The biggest change that I have seen in her is her language development. Her ability to express her self and her thoughts is really real now. She does repeat many words that I say, but she will also 'store' those in her memory banks and pull them out later as she needs them. This is by far the coolest thing because it gives me the full recognition that she is indeed her own autonomous person. She tells me when she wants to eat and what she wants (which she doesn't always get). She plays with our cat Irie every chance she gets and gets mad at him if he sits on her large paper pad, saying 'No...Willow', pushing him off. She talks about everything in her surroundings. I have a picture of my Dad and I at my wedding up on our living room cabinet and when she first saw it she said" Opa, Mummy, dancing....nice". She often mentions Opa, saying "Opa...died" and "Opa....more...nice". It brings tears to my eyes but I also tell her all the time that Opa's love is all around and like to talk about the memory of him and all the 'nice' things he would do with her as she nods in appreciation. I am happy to know that she does have memories of him and I would like to help keep those alive...however abstract they may be.
Several weeks in the last month were also dominated by the joys of yet more teething. Willow busted out her top and bottom incisors (I think that's what those 'canine' teeth are called) and three new molars as well. She experiences quite bit of misery when this is happening and tends to nap and sleep more...but her sleeps can be restless and more wakeful. Overall she is a good sleeper. I still nurse her a couple times a night, but she usually sleeps for 10 -12 hours and I am very grateful that she rarely wakes up before 8 am.
She continues to enjoy her books to no end. I recently found some of these 'I spy' large hardcover books, probably meant for 5-8 year olds that have pages filled with big, collage-like photographs of tons of objects that kids are supposed to 'find' certain items. She absolutely LOVES these books. she can sit and stare at the pages forever pointing out every little object on the page..."bunny, clown, paper clip, toothbrush" etc.
There have been so many moments in the past month where I have been watching her engage in something or another and have just felt completely awash with an endorphin rush...I could just sit and stare at her forever with a huge grin on my face. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am to be able to spend every moment with my beautiful daughter. The time is passing so quickly and every moment is so completely precious. I have, at times, questioned my choice to quit my job and move to a small place, but at this point, I think it was the smartest, best choice I have ever made. She is totally amazing and this experience is the best thing life has brought me so far.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

An-Tee Doo-Day-A

Fun times with Auntie Judea....

Friday, January 2, 2009


Willow, the budding young artist had a close encounter with her felts today. It seems that Dad let her go at it on her face....Mom was very grateful that they are of the washable category. Nice shots, Dad. I guess anything goes when it is this cold out.....

Take Me For a Ride.....

Is the sled more fun in the warm, dry indoors?