Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brush Brush Brush

Willow is the only baby that I know who loves brushing her teeth. She bugs us all the time for her toothbrush so she can brush brush brush! Here she is in action. Look at those curls coming in...she looks more and more like her dad everyday.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Willow Loves a Cuddle

What can I say...this is what makes being a Mama so worth it! You just don't know Love until you get a cuddle from your own little one...(Ok everybody, let's hear it: "Aaaaawwwwwwwh!")

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

May Long Weekend...

We started off our May long weekend with lots of fun in the sun in our awesome backyard. We weren't sad about not leaving town at all- the neighborhood was extra quiet. Adam got home a little earlier than usual and I already had Willow's new pool blown up...I guess they will have to start calling me dragon lungs Mommy! Willow had some fun pulling on Daddy's chest hair, as usual! We BBQ'd and hung out in the shade, trying to beat the 30 C heat.

The rest of the weekend turned out great...we worked really hard and we got half of our garden planted and planted tons of perennials that we divided from Grandma's garden. With all the birds and gorgeous trees and flower beds, our backyard really is a paradise. I wish every weekend could be a long weekend. Life just feels perfect when all three of us are together. It is just so much fun to see Willow discover the plants, flowers, grass, dirt, birds and everything in nature. She is completely fascinated by it all. Of course I am trying to keep her from ripping all of my tulips to shreds and pulling the plants out by the roots! It great having Daddy around...that extra set of eyes and hands lets me shift my focus to puttering around a lot more. Plus no one can make Willow squeal with delight quite like Daddy can! I can tell how much fun she is having just by how dirty her bath water is each evening! I am so glad that it feels like summer is finally here!

As you can see in this video, Willow worked hard at refreshing herself with some delicious raspberries.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Willow is Ten Months Old!

The things Willow can do just amaze me. I loved her as a tiny baby, but now that she can communicate with me, my Love is growing in ways that I didn't expect. I can make her giggle and laugh with silly games like 'eat your toes' or 'I'm gonna get you...' and lots of times she just giggles and laughs because she hears us laughing and she wants to join in. It's like she is saying 'HA! I get it! I know what funny is!' Today when we went for our evening stroll through the neighborhood, she just babbled away to herself, pointing at trees, birds, flowers, whatever seems interesting. She is so much more independent thank she was even a month ago. She scales around the house, checking out everything and when all seems quiet for a few minutes I will check on her and see her looking at books or pulling laundry out of a basket or playing with toys or dumping her diaper pail over....Today she crawled into our room, onto her bed and was looking at books ALL BY HERSELF! I was amazed. Maybe that's how all ten month olds are, I don't know, but I thought it was great. She is also communicating with us so much now. 'Na-Na'seems to mean 'I'm hungry'(as does mouth opening and closing like a fish going glub glub) Ma-Ma means Mama, Da-da is Dad, Mau is cat, uff is dog, ni-ni is bye (with a hand wave also)and Neh-neh-neh means everything else from a quiet exploration to a battle cry demand for something. I am teaching her to sign a few signs and so far she has done the sign for bird and just two days ago she did the sign for milk. Communication seems to be really important to her, too. During the day we can spend literally hours talking to one another. Maybe I am a crazy Mama who needs more adult time, but I swear I can understand her syllables at times. I can see by the joy that she spreads to all of the people that she encounter that she is one special little person.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Willow Goes Grocery Shopping

Willow likes to help out with the grocery long as there are some munchies involved....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day

Beautiful, amazing Willow, thank you for giving new meaning to this day for me. I don't think Mother's Day really made sense to me until now. The experience of being a Mom is the most challenging, all encompassing, exhausting and completely rewarding thing in the world for me. I look in her eyes and I see other times I look at her and I see Adam, my truest love. The feeling is absolutely unequalled. It was a special day for me starting with sleeping in until 9:00 am, a delicious brunch at Grandma and Opa's, some time for me puttering in the garden, a leisurely walk at Police Point Park with our little family and an evening of taking care of my sweet baby girl. It was great...I think there should be a Mother's Day at least one day a month!

Check out our new photos from Mother's Day and other days(courtesy of Adam) in the 'April Showers Bring May Flowers' link on the side.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Typical Evening....

You can see our sophisticated, spotless living room in this video. Just kidding. Of Course the place is strewn with toys, some of which were mine a little girl....but most of which were gifts from family, hand me downs from friends with older kids or excellent finds at thrift stores and garage this pack of Sesame Street flash cards we found for 50 cents at a garage sale...she just loves them! And it seems like the perfect time to begin to show her, in a fun way, what words and letters are.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Babushka....

I can really see Willow's Ukrainian side coming through in this picture! Only she could get away with wearing a babushka and nothing else and still be so cute! I am happy to report that her lip and nose have almost completely healed from the face plant tragedy. You will notice that Dad's hands are still holding her up...apart from a couple seconds at a time, she still needs help in that department. She is a whiz at 'couch-walking', though. Tonight she scaled her way around the living room again and again crawling and climbing on everything in sight. But the most amazing thing right now is her mind. I can literally see those wheels turning as she discovers the world around her. She understands so much and now her communication is beginning to catch up. It's amazing how her and I can communicate. I seem to know the difference between a 'ba-ba' and a 'bap-ba-baaa'. Some of it could be intuitive but some of it is just our own mother-baby language. She mimics sounds and words so accurately...Grandma says that she is positive that she has a musical ear. It is going to be truly incredible to watch her emerge as a little person in the coming months (and years)....I can't even begin to describe how much I Love her, with every cell in my being....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Willow's First Nose Dive

There have been many tumbles and spills in the past three months as Willow learns all about this manouvering thing...but so far they have all been on the living room carpet or occasionally the kitchen lino. But this weekend we spent almost all of our time outside in the yard, working hard at getting our space into tip top shape for the summer. Willow was having a super time, crawling all over the grass, standing by the chairs, etc. I kept a very close eye on her but of course, one of the few moments when I turned my back she gt stuck on a mound of dirt int he garden and face planted right into the cement. When she screamed her serious-panic cry I turned to see her with a mouth covered in dirt. I guess you could call that a 'bad' Mommy moment. Bad because of how I felt, and how she felt, not because I am a 'bad' Mommy. I just scooped her up, hugged her, held, her, nursed her until she calmed down. I only suffered minor guilt, probably because the injury itself wasn't too bad. This picture was taken the next day, so the swelling in her little lip had gone down quite a lot by then. But i think she still looks pretty tough. She is a little trooper, though. This little stumble didn't stop her at all. Within minutes she was back outside, in Mom's arms of course, enjoying the sunshine and all the excitement of the yard again.